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Recycle your old computer at B&T

Going Green

Do you have computer equipment (desktops, laptops, monitors) that is old and obsolete and need a way to dispose of them? Many towns and cities have restrictions on the types of electronic equipment you can place in the trash..

If you find yourself in a situation where you cannot throw out old equipment, but need to get it off your hands, bring it in to B&T Computers. Our staff will take your old computer equipment and recycle it so that it will not be a hazard to the environment.* Please contact us with any questions you have on our recycling service.

Data security

Data Security

At B&T, we work to ensure that you or your business’ confidential information cannot be accessed after a computer or electronic device leaves your possession. We sanitize all old hard drives before reselling them. This software makes ensures that all old data is erased. For video game systems and other consumer electronics with storage, we will reset them to “factory new” condition.

*We charge $20 to recycle the old-style CRT (big and clunky) monitors, as we ourselves are charged to recycle them.